Tiny-Legged Sports Day is an innovative online rhythm sports game based on the GameFi economic model. Users can obtain the game on the App Store or Google Play using their mobile device and connect to their MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet.

This will allow them to obtain their own Tiny-Legged player (NFT) and earn Tiny-Legged tokens (TL$) as they continuously participate in online competitions, becoming a secondary source of income for the user.

Welcome to Blue Star

The species of tiny-legged creatures have existed on the Blue Star for a long time. They are naturally pure, brave, fearless, and love various challenges. Despite this, they are held back by their physical feature of having tiny legs. They may run fast, but they still run slow like a cow.

Earth and human are parallel universes to the Blue Star and occasionally a human child from Earth crosses over to become a revered sports teacher for the tiny-legged creatures. These human children are naturally active, playful, and energetic and possess a unique soul force that can boost the physical ability of the tiny-legged species through a "soul sprint". This has opened up a new era of sports for the glorious tiny-legged creatures of the Blue Star's history.

The Sports Day

The gameplay of Tiny-Legged Sports Day is similar to the popular game Taiko no Tatsujin series. Players heartily tapping the phone screen in rhythm with the familiar music, Blessing your Tiny-Legged runners to gain acceleration. The first available competition in the game is a 4x10 meters relay race. If your runners crosses the finish line first, You will earn a significant prize reward of Tiny-Legged tokens (TL$).

Your Athletes
Win the Athletics
Earn the Crypto

‘There is only one perfect way to run, only one. And the closer you get to it, the easier it seems. It's hard to describe. It's a rhythm. It’s all about setting a rhythm and sticking to it.'

— Carl Lewis


TL$ is the main currency of Blue Star and is also an ERC-20 token. Its total supply is one billion, and it was issued based on the TINY-LEGGED SPORTS DAY game. It can be used both inside and outside the game, and users can obtain it by purchasing, free receiving, earning it in matchs, and betting for winner.


Debut date: November 1, 2023

Obbu is one of the tiny-legged species on the Blue Star.
Biological classification: Animalia -> Chordata -> Tetrapoda -> Testudines -> Pseudosauria -> Capitellidae.
Mobility: Obbu has a versatile range of movement abilities, including on land, in water, on ice and snow, and the ability to withstand impacts.
Obbu's appearance features two upright legs, resembling a combination of a biological organism and a toy. It has a shell-like protective covering, a dragon-like helmet with jagged edges, an animal face, cute hands, and short leg with paw-like feet.

Debut date: March 1, 2023
Debut date: June1, 2024
Debut date: August 1, 2024