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2013/1/2 - Released huge patch v1.1 - New gameplay feature! When you reached the top of popularity level, you engage hottest fanatical moments!

2012/12/9 - Juggling BBQ for iPhone available from the App Store. Download only $1.99!

2012/11/22 - Juggling BBQ HD for iPad available from the App Store. Download only $1.99!

2012/11/1~2012/11/30 - Juggling BBQ closed testing activities launched. Free to SIGN UP NOW!

2012/10/31 - Juggling BBQ Games official website was formally established

First Game Trailer
About of Juggling BBQ

If you have sliced fruit day and night as much as we have done, it is time to try something new and fun. Let's skew food, make "Perfect" BBQ stick and get tremendous amount of excitement from Juggling BBQ.


Juggling BBQ is a fast-paced tempo game. Food keeps being thrown on the air. Be agile and accurate while pinning the food. The more accurate pinning you perform the higher score you will get. But watch out, there will be disturbed coal thrown out as well. One careless pinning on coal, you will get "Boomed!" Discover interesting food while trying to skew them, surprise awaits! 

As Juggling BBQ is released around the time of Thanksgiving, we want to celebrate this thankful time with everyone. There will be bonus coins given to show our appreciation to those who like this game as much as we do.

Play Now!

You have sliced fruits, now it's time to skewer and make the perfect BBQ !
Juggling BBQ is a fast and funny action game for everyone to enjoy !
Pin some food pieces with dexterity while flying in the air to become the ultimate skewer chef master !

• Juggling BBQ - HD
• Platform : iPad / iPad mini
• Price : $1.99
• Release Date : November 2012

• Juggling BBQ
• Platform : iPhone / iPod touch
• Price : $1.99
• Release Date : December 2012

• Release Date : December 2012

串串喵 - 新年春聯免費下載列印

• Release Date : January 2013

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